Carpe Arte – Founding Member (Present– 2017)

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Carpe Arte Supports (2020)

Carpe Arte Supports (2020) – founded by Viraj Mithani at the start of pandemic (COVID-19). The goal is to create financial stability and visibility for artists. A lot of artists have faced difficulties during the lockdown. The works are showcased and sold on platform (carpe arte instagram page). It is focused on contemporary artists but it’s also helped a wide range of different artists including graduating students (2020) and recent graduates. The artwork is curated on the platform through peer recommendations and direct submissions. It’s ongoing campaign. Updated (21.07.2020) – 100 days, 135 artists showcased, 300 works sold raising Rs. 13 INR Lakhs plus for artists all over India. All transactions take place directly between the artist and buyers and 100% funds directly go to the artists.



Dimensions of an Artist Grant (2015)

Dimensions of an Artist Grant (2015) – was designed and created by Viraj Mithani, as part of Student Government representative at The School of Art Institute of Chicago. The grant amount was $3000 was awarded to three artists. Three chosen applicants individually received a funding of $700 and $900 was dedicated towards their group show at SAIC’s SUGS Gallery’s Flex space (Now SITE). Mithani curated the exhibition. The grant was in collaboration with Fnews Magazine, which covered the profiles of the chosen artists, ExTv and RadioSAIC provided a platform for an interview recording. This grant was aimed to support the environment and conditions for artist to pursue their artistic goals and create help by providing all means to kick start artist careers.

SAIC Student Government (2015 – 2014)

SAIC Student Government (2015 – 2014) : The role was to address issues and make improvements at SAIC by providing feedback and guidance to SAIC administration. Major part of the responsibility was to allocate and adequately fund $80,000 to all kinds of on groups and activities on campus. Activities included art related events - artist talks and screenings, introducing products and systems to make the campus more environmental friendly, to name a few. Groups included a wide variety covering art, cultural, sports, political, recreational and indigenous. The goal was to elevate, encourage and enrich the community with providing opportunities.